Friday, May 27, 2011

31 East Third Street (Part II)

We think Yoda beat the odds due to his feisty nature. He just wasn’t going to let anything get him down to the point of no return. Yoda is small for his age, but considering how much effort his little body put into surviving, it isn’t surprising.

Here he is with his friend, Indy, in his foster home:

31 East Third Street

Not all rescue stories have happy endings. Beautiful, sweet Donna was rescued and a few days later taken to the clinic to be spayed where it was discovered she was nursing.

A frantic search for her kittens ensued, and all were found. Amazingly, they survived on their own for at least 4 days before being reunited with mom.

The happy reunion was short-lived. Apparently, Donna and her kittens had come into contact with the deadly Panleukopenia (distemper) virus just before being rescued, and one by one the kittens and their mom succumbed to this almost-always fatal virus. There is one kitten who was able to survive.

418 Cherry Street (Part II)

The following cats were returned after receiving their appropriate vet work:

This cute little blue tortie/calico went back much happier after being spayed!

The males of the colony:

418 Cherry Street

Out of the seven cats trapped at this location, only one was adoptable. After his vet work was finished and his wound healed, it didn’t take long for Iggy Tanner to find his forever home!

Here are some photos of what he looked like when he was brought to us.

With some TLC, he quickly healed. Here is the new Iggy!
It’s amazing what little effort is needed to help improve the lives and health of some of these cats!


In February 2011, this beautiful cat was spotted sitting on someone’s doorstep wanting to be let in. We drove around the block to and saw that she was still waiting. We stopped, knocked on the door and the gentleman who answered said that the cat had been left behind by the family across the street when they moved. Some of the neighborhood kids would feed her whatever they could find in the way of cat food.

Even though she tested Positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), we were able to find her a loving family.

132 King Street/High Street Alley (Part IV)

Mr. Ed also lived in Buttonwood Alley between High and King Streets in the 100 block. Every day he would spend time socializing with the residents of the area and often accompanied people as they walked their dogs every day. Mr. Ed now has a home in New Hanover Township where he is part of a family consisting of three children, their parents, a Golden Retriever and two other cats! What a perfect place for him!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

132 King Street/High Street Alley (Part III)

Jack O’Reilly’s Tuxedo’s is located on High Street. We thought Jack O’Reilly would be a terrific name for this very handsome tuxedo! Jack is available for adoption – he is the only one of the cats from this location who has yet to be adopted. He is friendly, loves being petted & will roll over for tummy tickles! Additionally, Jack gets along well with other cats. He’s all dressed up & ready to start a new life!!