Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Willow Street Cats

The following cats were recently trapped, neutered & returned to their home in the 700 block of Willow Street where they are lovingly cared for by several neighbors.

The big male pictured below was not a happy camper! He just couldn’t understand that it was impossible to push his way out of the trap!

Here is the adult female – isn’t she pretty?

Eighty percent of orange cats are male. Here’s an exception. What a beautiful kitten! She & her two littermates are completely feral rendering them unadoptable.


After the cats were spayed, neutered & recovered, several neighbors turned out to see them before they were released! You’d be surprised to learn just how much some people care about the feral cats they’re feeding! They view the cats as their outdoor kitties & have strong affections for them, even though the cats don’t usually allow themselves to be touched.

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