Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lesher Alley behind the 500 Block of Chestnut Street

This is where we started the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) project in Pottstown. You’ll be able to see photos of the cats that were returned to the alley as well as individuals who were adopted or are being fostered for adoption. The white cat with the black markings (known as a Van pattern) was returned to the alley while the friendly grey cat was able to be placed into a home environment. He tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).

This male cat tested Leukemia Positive. He was able to be placed into a home environment other FeLV cats.

Grey White Female My Image

Both of these cats are females & were returned to their alley home.

Grey TuxHeadbanger

The grey male tux (center) was returned to his alley along with this black tuxedo (far right).

These three females were returned to their alley after being spayed.

Orange Band White Tabby with Blue Eyes Fearsome Threesome

The orange Tuxedo was returned to his alley after neutering as were the grey male and the black long-hair tuxedo. The buff and white cat (in the litterbox w/the grey) has a new lease on life: he was adopted straight from the Forgotten Cats clinic in Willow Grove!

This tortie girl is being acclimated as an outdoor cat to a home where she’ll be free to roam a huge back yard. There is shelter for the cats & lots of trees. A stream winds through the property.

Meet Dillinger! He is up for adoption. Cats that are as nice as he is deserve to live in an indoor-only home where he’ll be safe & loved.

This handsome orange male is JesseJames, one of the former residents of the alley. He is over-the-top friendly and loves attention and affection!

Eddie Toes Eddie Toes 2

One of the kitties was taken in by a Forgotten Cats foster home & was adopted the first time he was shown at the new PetsMart in Collegeville! His foster name was Eddie 12 Toes, and he is a really nice individual & now has a wonderful home & a family who loves him!

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