Monday, March 28, 2011


Pictured here are the cats we were able to trap in this location: several FIV positive cats, two older kittens and some very definite ferals who went back to the alley after being spayed & neutered.

A nice surprise!!! The tuxedo teenage kitten turned out to be very friendly! He was named Ascot & had no problem finding a loving, indoor-one home in the area!

Oh, my - this orange cat was one of the nastiest cats I've ever come across! Needless to say, he went back to his alley & was VERY HAPPY about it!

What a shame - she could have been a sweet indoor cat instead of dirty and roaming the alleys. This calico recently got a break in life, though! After she was spayed & recuperated, she was acclimated to an outdoor home where she will be free to roam a huge back yard. There is shelter for the cats there & lots of trees. A stream winds through the property.

To the right is a black cat with his orange cagemate. They were returned to their home in the alley.

At left you'll see LOT who is another FIV positive cat who is very adoptable. He has an OVERABUNDANCE of toes, & we thought it was cute to name him Lots of Toes! He has been shown regularly at the Collegeville PetsMart where he is a favorite. Unfortunately, when people find out he is FIV positive, they (needlessly) get scared. LOT is an absolutely fantastic, friendly, social kitty. He is eventually going to make someone a wonderful companion!

Here is another FIV positive cat who also got a new lease on life! He was adopted and will never again worry about food, love and shelter.

Tippurr turned out to be 100 % friendly! Even though he is FIV positive, his adopter saw past that & fell in love with him! He is doing great in his new home & follows his new mom around.

The little brown tabby is named Mochachino - she is being offered for adoption. She's got a great personality.

This orange & white cat went back to his alley after his clinic visit.

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